I’m speaking at the wonderful Atlantec Virtual Festival of Technology on Friday the 22nd of May

There is a wonderful Technology Event based in Galway called Atlantec. This festival of technology has been hugely successfully since 2015. Despite their impressive track record, they asked me to speak in person this year. Unfortunately, with the current Covid situation, the in person event is cancelled. Undeterred, the hosts have reacted positively and created an online event instead. It’s now a Virtual Festival of Technology and this free event and has a fantastic lineup here: https://atlantec.ie

It’s at 12:00 (BST) on Friday, a perfect companion to a lunchtime sandwich. Please click here to register  https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/atlantec-virtual-festival-30-tech-events-over-5-days-registration-104118994716?aff=AtlanTecVirtualFestival

I’ll present a decision process to assist with managing rapid change. In the process I’ll discuss Hurricane Katherina, drilling for Oil, Ray Kurzweil, a chessboard and Rochester, New York. Exponential growth of technology change is happening, and it’s vitally important to react to it before it consumes your technology department and eventually your firm. The Cutter Journal published my paper on Rapid change in the November 2019 issue, and the journal are making the paper free to access for all Atlantec attendees at https://www.cutter.com/offer/buffet-style-architecture-new-world-public-self-governance.

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