The true career path is random – Video Interview with Maynooth University

Sometimes when I hear that people are career guidance councillors, I don’t understand how they do it. What type of magic powers do they possess? Is there a chance that an impressionable teenager becomes teacher/nurse/architect because a well-meaning counsellor pushed them in that direction? 

I did an interview about career paths in 2019 with Maynooth University. I graduated from Maynooth in 1996, having studied Maths and Economics. I also studied chatting to everybody that moved, playing guitar, trying to meet girls and karate. I had the most fantastic time when I attended.

My Interview with Maynooth University

As you can hear from my interview, I had no idea what I would do when I left.


Here are a list of jobs I’ve had: Fruit Picker, Farm Labourer, Builders Labourer, Shopkeeper, Music Promoter, Electricians Apprentice, Drummer, Financial Analyst, Telesales Agent, Singer, Guitar Player, totally under-qualified Construction Foreman

I had all of these before I began in Technology

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