Hi, I’m Mark Greville.

I went from Burger King, to programming, to musician to VP at $ billion valued Workhuman.

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More info

Ok, where to start? I live in Ireland. I’ve had a somewhat unusual career journey. I left college and started work in Burger King. I eventually became a programmer. I was a musician in the bands Zeel and Ginseng, and later was a solo artist. I recorded a BBC session once upon a time, and finagled my way to sing with Oscar winner Ennio Morricone for a few live concerts.

I am now VP of Architecture at Workhuman, a billion dollar valued Irish founded tech company. I am also a PhD student, because I’ll never learn. I am a CITA-D Distinguished Architect and ex-chair of the alumni advisory board at Maynooth University.

I was, for a very brief time, a minor TV star.



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