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Emerging from Hibernation on the 4th of April

I always wanted to reach the top page of HackerNews with this blog. It’s one of my favourite sites, full of amazing articles, a variety of viewpoints, and intelligent commentary (most of the time anyway). So, to my delight and friend’s surprise/horror, my last blog post reached number 2 on HackerNews, and stayed on the…

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Technical Debt Is Not Debt; It’s Not Even Technical

Co-authored with Dr Paidi O’Raghallaigh and Dr Stephen McCarthy at Cork University Business School as part of my PhD studies, and originally published by Cutter Consortium’s Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence practice on 22nd of July 2021 Take a minute and write an answer to the question, “What is technical debt?” Then read this…

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Buffet-Style Architecture

To get the architecture of the business right, a company must reorganise itself around empowered teams that can operate at speed. For architecture truly to be a pivotal piece of the business transformation puzzle, it must leave the old workhorses of the past behind and move to modern transportation. Indeed, architecture must refocus on three core principles: (1) accelerated change, (2) decentralised decisions, and (3) public self-governance.

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Are you foolish enough to innovate?

“Stay hungry, stay foolish” — Steve Jobs How can you make a great breakthrough? How can you start the next era-defining business, write the next great song, create the next political movement? To do any of these, you must be more innovative. So where do you start? Legendary Finnish architect Eero Saarinen sat one morning…

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How Technology Architects make decisions

Or why you might spend a fortune on a red car Chinese translation available here The remarkable Herbert Simon won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1978 and the Turing Medal in 1975. Reading about his life gives me a panic attack when I consider how little I have achieved in comparison. He published ‘Administrative…

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Slides and links from the IASA BIL-T Conference

I am delighted to speak at the IASA BIL-T Conference (you can still register here), particularly given my earlier post about how we can make the best of the Covid Situation. Please drop me a line here or on Twitter of LinkedIn if you’d like to discuss, well, anything really. Please thank a healthcare worker…

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Conference Slides from the UCC Technical Debt presentation

I was delighted to present at the Information Systems Mini-Conference in UCC on Friday the 19th of June 2020. My research is concerned with Technical Debt and its impact on an organisation. It was hosted by Cork University Business School and the Fantastic Dr. Paidi O’Reilly, with presentations from Dr Stephen McCarthy, Elaine Beare, Michael…

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Rapid Change Reading List

Thank you to everybody who attended my talk at AtlanTec Virtual Festival of Technology. Particular thanks to the organising committee for putting on such a fantastic Virtual event. It was a great pleasure to talk about Rapid Change, a subject I am passionate about. There were a few requests for the reading list, so I’ve included the links…

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