The true career path is random – Video Interview with Maynooth University

Sometimes when I hear that people are career guidance councillors, I don’t understand how they do it. What type of magic powers do they possess? Is there a chance that an impressionable teenager becomes teacher/nurse/architect because a well-meaning counsellor pushed them in that direction? 

I did an interview about career paths in 2019 with Maynooth University. I graduated from Maynooth in 1996, having studied Maths and Economics. I also studied chatting to everybody that moved, playing guitar, trying to meet girls and karate. I had the most fantastic time when I attended.

My Interview with Maynooth University

As you can hear from my interview, I had no idea what I would do when I left.


Here are a list of jobs I’ve had: Fruit Picker, Farm Labourer, Builders Labourer, Shopkeeper, Music Promoter, Electricians Apprentice, Drummer, Financial Analyst, Telesales Agent, Singer, Guitar Player, totally under-qualified Construction Foreman

I had all of these before I began in Technology

The most underrated skill in technology discussed. Video interview on Architecture at Workhuman

I recently did a video interview with Silicon Republic. I describe life at Workhuman and explain what running Architecture here means.

I discuss careers and how important challenges are. Challenges help you find where your boundaries lie. Pushing past your boundaries shows how far you can go. You may have more ability than you think, or you may fail and fall down as I often have. Falling down doesn’t matter in the slightest once you get back up again.

I’m a strong believer in the importance of creativity in technology, so that gets a big mention. It is the most underrated skill needed for success.

Jordane’s amazing art is one of the unexpected treats at Workhuman, you can see her in action. Finally, the eagle eyed among you may even spot the reddest neck in technology!

The Full article is here