Slides and links from the IASA BIL-T Conference

I am delighted to speak at the IASA BIL-T Conference (you can still register here), particularly given my earlier post about how we can make the best of the Covid Situation. Please drop me a line here or on Twitter of LinkedIn if you’d like to discuss, well, anything really.

Please thank a healthcare worker here . It only takes a couple of seconds, and gratitude helps both the giver and the receiver.

This is the essay from Ray Kurzweil on the Law of Accelerating Returns, detailed and fascinating. It will change the way you think about change! His paper on how his predictions have fared is fun and astonishing in parts here
The book Accelerate is a must read on building and scaling tech organisations and is here 

Merrill Chapmans book on Tech disasters is ‘In Search Of Stupidity’. It is hilarious and horrifying, and is available here.

The Cutter Journal article I wrote on Public Self Governance is available for free (after you enter your name and email) here .

Make it a great summer!

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